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Kimia - Nursing


Summer - Nursing

Her search for a Tech position to gain more experience in the veterinary field secured Summer a spot on the Loving Hands Team in July 2015. Summer graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Biology in December 2015. Her dream is to attend nursing school to become a Nurse Anesthetist. She has substituted at a high school for a year and volunteered at a veterinary clinic for two years prior to joining Loving Hands. Summer is also an equestrian and has been riding for eight years. She fell in love with animals at a young age. She lives at home with her parents and enjoys reading, drawing and riding horses in her free time. She is mom to her six year old Domestic Medium Hair cat who she considers her little baby.


Jenny - Nursing


Amber - Nursing

Joining the Loving Hands staff in November 2014, Amber was looking to fulfill her wish of working with animals and getting a feel of several different areas in the animal care field. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences from UGA and will eventually return to school to become a Veterinary Technician. In her free time, Amber enjoys watching Disney movies and pretending that she still lives in Orlando with an annual pass to Disney World. Her hobbies include all kinds of arts and crafts from scrapbooking to painting and even creative writing. Her home is shared with her Lab, 'Chomper', her Retriever, 'Callie' and her cat 'Bandit', all of which are rescues.


Alexis - Nursing

Having relocated from South Carolina where she had worked in emergency and critical care, Alexis was introduced to the general practice world when she joined the Loving Hands Team in June 2016. She has a bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Armstrong Atlantic State University and an associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology from Tri-County Technical College.

Alexis enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends and family, cross-fit, shopping and reading. She shares her home with Kenny, her 4 year old Miniature Pincher-Chihuahua Mix, Kodie, her 9 year old Domestic Shorthair cat and Kimmie, also a 9 year old Domestic Shorthair.


Morgan - Nursing

Morgan joined our LHAC Family enhancing our Nursing Team in August 2016. After being a stay at home mom for a year and a half, she yearned to return to the field that she enjoyed so much. She has held a degree in Sonography since 2012 and began working in the veterinary field in 2013 at a large and small animal practice. She shares her home with her husband and their 20 month old daughter. Their family also includes a Labrador Retriever and a Great Pyrenees.


Melanie - Nursing


Janell - Nursing

Her love of animals and desire to help them in any way that she can was the driving factor that brought Janell to Loving Hands in August 2016. She saw it as an opportunity to begin a new career and to expand her knowledge of the various animal species, becoming a part of something so great. Previously working in retail for many years, Janell loved the chances it offered to interact with and help diverse groups of people.

Janell is very creative and loves to paint, draw and sew. She loves to spend her free time with her family. She lives with her fiancé Javier, their three dogs and two birds. Lucy is her only female dog and the sweet one who loves to cuddle. Chikiton is the smallest but he is full of fire. And last but not least there is Gordo (fatty) who is the quiet one and loves all the attention. Her birds are Snow (female) and Milo (male).


Laura - Nursing

Laura joined the Loving Hands team in June 2015. Graduating from Alpharetta High School in 2012, she has also completed various core classes at the University of North Georgia and at Georgia Perimeter College. She shares her home with her Mom, Stepdad and siblings along with her ten year old cat, Samantha and fifteen year old dog, Rocky. In her spare time, Laura enjoys hanging out with her friends.


Brianna - Nursing


In Memory of Rebecca
11/1/88 ~ 8/12/12

We will continue to remember her for her avid love for all animals and her undying devotion to animal rescue.