Client Services

Marla - Client Services Specialist

Marla has been in Georgia since December 2008. Prior to that, she lived in Florida. She began working at Loving Hands in January 2009. She is married to Vernon and has two daughters, Ashley and Courtney, and a stepson Nate.

Marla is the happy owner of a Yellow Lab named Maize, a Chocolate Lab, Nestlé, Sasha, a Boston Terrier and Lily the Pug who loves to play receptionist from time to time at the front desk. She also has two cats, Boudreaux, an Orange Tabby and Swayze, a blue-eyed Bobtail Manx. She is also “grammy” to Kacee, a Grey Tabby and White cat who currently shares her home. In her spare time Marla enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, boating, reading and being outside in the sunshine.


Jane - Client Services

Jane joined the Loving Hands team in July of 2000. Originally from Massachusetts, she has lived in the Netherlands for 13 years and for 18 months on the Dutch island of Curaçao prior to arriving in Georgia. While living in the Netherlands, Jane became fascinated with chinchillas, whose popularity as pets was just peaking in the early 1990's. Beginning with two, her chinchilla family grew from there and were 'mandatory baggage' with each and every move she and her husband made. She has raised and cared for a total of eight since then, the last one having passed away at the age of 21. Although it was their intention to stay 'pet free' for a while, Jane and her husband are now servants to Grayson, a handsome gray and white Domestic Shorthaired cat who 'found them' when he was a tiny kitten.

Jane has always had a passion for animals, both domestic and wild so the opportunity to work at Loving Hands was a dream come true. She continues to give special attention to the clinic house cats and enjoys a special relationship with the clinic parrot, Nemo! When not at work, Jane enjoys sharing her time with her husband, making dolls and various other activities of a creative nature.


Calli - Administrative Assistant

Joining the Loving Hands staff in September 2015, Calli was seeking a career change that utilized her degree and education along with her love of animals. She graduated from Georgia College & State University in 2011 with a biology degree and went on to become a Certified Veterinary Assistant in 2014. In her spare time, Calli enjoys bing watching on Netflix, drawing, singing, spending time with family and friends and her three fur babies. She is a happy mom to two Miniature Dachshunds, a seven year old and a two year old, and also a ten year old Domestic Shorthaired cat.


Tiffany - Client Services

Tiffany has lived in North Georgia for most of her life and is currently in school to obtain her Registered Nursing License. She dreams of one day working at Northside Forsyth Hospital as a Labor and Delivery or NICU nurse. Tiffany shares her home with an ever growing number of fur children. She and her husband, John, enjoy hiking, off-roading, going on trips, watching movies, fixing up the house and spending time with family and friends.


Deborah - Client Services

Having friends who work at Loving Hands and seeing how happy they are convinced Deborah to join our team in August 2016. Deborah is an experienced Equine Technician and Equine Hospital Manager. She has had horses for as long as she can remember and currently owns a former race horse named Cat. She loves riding dressage and trail riding. Deborah shares her home with two Whippets, two rescue kitties and a 55 gallon fish tank.


Tristen - Client Services


Kianna - Client Services

After her relocation back to Georgia from Tennessee, Kianna joined the Loving Hands team in March 2017. A Certified Nursing Assistant, she was previously a caregiver for the elderly and terminally ill. Kianna decided to redirect her skills when she discovered the enjoyment and reward in caring for animals. She also looks forward to an opportunity to attend college to become a Spanish interpreter.

Kianna is from a large family and has many friends and loves spending time with all of them. She is engaged to her high school sweetheart, Jacob. They enjoy movies, music and adventuring. Kianna loves to experience new things, enjoys the outdoors and shopping. Besides family and friends, she enjoys the company of her two and a half year old Mastiff Akita Mix, Gracie, her eight month old Lab Hound Mix, Holly and her two Beta fish, Pearl and Violet.